SYSTRA Announces the Launch of RAILSIM X® Software Suite


NEW YORK, NY (Oct 7, 2014) – SYSTRA is pleased to announce the launch of the RAILSIM X® Software Suite, the industry’s leading analytical software for rail systems modeling and simulations. This redevelopment of the RAILSIM® operations software package will introduce a brand new set of analytical capabilities and include enhancements to the software’s existing array of modules.

“This isn’t just a new version of the software,” said William Crosbie, President and CEO of SYSTRA USA and Regional Director of SYSTRA North America.  “RAILSIM X® is the new industry standard for rail operations modeling and simulations with unprecedented analytical capabilities specifically designed to reveal the impact of capital investments in real-time. It gives rail operator leadership confidence that their investment decisions will deliver the desired benefits to their customers and stakeholders.”
SYSTRA has taken major steps to enhance the software and its user experience by moving to a cloud-based system and developing tools to match emerging technologies. RAILSIM X® is designed on a 64 bit architecture, facilitating easier use, faster operation, and efficient delivery of simulation models on both PC and Apple operating systems. RAILSIM X® includes improvements to its Train Performance Calculator (TPC), Network Simulator (SIM), Safe Braking Distance Calculator (SBC), Signal Engineer (SIG), Control Line Generator (CLG), Headway Calculator (HDC), Vehicle Inventory database engine and enhancements to the software’s Load Flow Analyzer (LFA).
SYSTRA’s RAILSIM X® certified engineers and transportation experts bring transit agencies and rail operators an unprecedented level of confidence in their decisions by leveraging SYSTRA’s extensive staff experience on operations, signal and electrical engineering projects from around the world.  This includes work on the design and implementation of both positive train control (PTC) and Computer-Based Train Control (CBTC) systems.  SYSTRA’s traction power and electrical engineers bring a depth of expertise and experience in substation, power distribution and overhead contact systems (OCS) design. SYSTRA is a leader in the application of rail operations simulation planning, whole life asset management, and complex capital investment cost – benefit analysis. SYSTRA’s multidisciplinary team of experts continually contribute their extensive experience to the RAILSIM X® development team to ensure functionality spanning all disciplines.
“Our expert staff are industry leaders in the delivery of rail operations analysis as well as signal and electrical engineering,” said Crosbie.  “The new and enhanced analytical capabilities in RAILSIM X® give our engineers and transportation experts tools to validate their design decision with a high degree of accuracy and confidence.”
The RAILSIM X® Simulation Software Suite represents the latest in graphical operations simulation for capital improvements planning, engineering, ridership analysis, operational planning scheduling, and dispatcher/operator training.  RAILSIM X® includes features to aid in the design of new train control systems.  SYSTRA’s rail simulation software has been supporting the rail and rapid transit industry for more than twenty years and continues its legacy with the launch of RAILSIM X®.

SYSTRA’s RAILSIM X® Software Suite is the rail and rapid transit industry’s leading software tool for simulating the operation and performance of rail networks and systems.  It is designed to simulate all facets of rail systems and the interactions of trains with infrastructure, control systems, and the operation of complex systems and networks. RAILSIM X® can accurately simulate any rail system; including light rail, heavy rail or high-speed rail.


A global leader in public transportation engineering infrastructures, SYSTRA has a reputation as an established partner in public transport systems for the past 50 years. In 2013, SYSTRA reported revenues of €443 million, a large majority of which was on international markets. The Group employs 3 800 people worldwide, manages 3 000 contracts and has operations in 78 countries.  For over twenty years SYSTRA rail simulation software has been supporting rail and rapid transit operating and engineering teams with the information and data required to effectively manage their systems.